Day 34 – One Last Sail

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Salty Sam’s Marina, Fort Myers Beach FL

(See Photos – Week 5, Day 34)

Captain Hugh and I spent Monday night with friends. They dropped us off at the airport on Tuesday morning so that we could pick up a rental car. We had a couple errands to run and decided it would be cheaper to rent a car for a day than hire a taxi for errands and to take four of us to the airport on Wednesday morning.

Late Tuesday morning Captain Jordan, relief captain, came to get familiarized with Appledore V. Hugh discussed with him captainly things — rigging quirks, driving peculiarities, plumbing idiosyncracies and all things related to the upcoming Coast Guard inspection. The cry “All hands on deck” was given and we cast off the dock lines for one more sail.

Captain Jordan was at the helm this time. We motored out to the Fort Myers bay and raised sail. There wasn’t much wind, but Hugh wanted to go through things with Captain Jordan so he wouldn’t feel completely at a loss when he had to go out with the new crew, which would be arriving in the next few weeks.

While out in the bay, away from as many boaters as possible, we did a man overboard drill. We had been assigned our stations and had a fairly good idea of what we were to do. An old life vest was our victim. Very efficiently and smoothly the victim was sighted, navigated to (with sail raised) and successfully brought back on board to a round of “Well done!” “Good job!” Fortunately the victim was still fully functioning and artificial resuscitation was not necessary.

Captain Jordan then gave orders to strike sail and we motored back to the marina. The two captains discussed more about how she handled and docking and tides. Hugh seemed confident that Captain Jordan would do fine as he lived in the area, knew the waters and had previous experience sailing tall ships.

It was time to finish packing and then find some dinner.

Bill went for a long walk, exploring the area and said that he’d have dinner on his own.

Andy, Terry, Hugh and I took the rental car and drove south along the beach drive looking for a beachside meal. Hugh’s food radar directed us to at the Beached Whale where we ate on the rooftop porch and had a tasty meal.

The next morning, Wednesday, we’d be leaving bright and early for the airport. Mike and Rex had already departed. Bill would be catching a bus later in the day to go visit his daughter in North Carolina. Andy, Terry, Hugh and I were flying out at about the same time so we crammed all our bags into the rental car and drove to the airport. We said a quick good-bye at the curb and went our separate directions.

Andy was flying home to Indiana. Hugh and I were flying home to Michigan. Terry was flying home to Michigan and hoping to go down to North Carolina to work on his own boat. Bill was on his way to spend Thanksgiving with his daughter in North Carolina and then she’d drive him home to Michigan. Mike was on his way to the eastern side of Florida to talk to someone about driving a water taxi, but he wound up going home. Rex was going to spend a little time in Florida with his cousin, Rex, then meet up with a work buddy at a job site and be home for the holidays.

Hugh and I would see Andy and Rex at some point sooner rather than later, as they are close friends of ours. As for Bill, Mike and Terry we weren’t quite sure when or where our paths would cross. But when our paths do meet again we’ll have a warm hug and a good firm handshake for them. And there might even be a plate of No-Bake cookies available.

About juliemckaycovert

I am a therapist, teacher, photographer and published author. I am a lover of life and nature. My husband, Hugh, and I live off the grid on a remote 40 acre island, Shelter Island, just off of Drummond Island in the far eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This blog is about my life, a life I thought I'd never be able to live. This blog is about dreams and ideals being manifested. It is about daily events with a backwoods twist. It is about the simple pleasures and wonders being brought forth. I invite you to be inspired and even, as some friends have, live vicariously through my words.
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