When the phone rings, I never know what adventure it will mean we are going on next. This time it was a job offer for Hugh to sail and motor Appledore V, a 65 foot gaff topsail schooner, from Cheboygan, Michigan to Fort Myers, Florida via Chicago the Mississippi River and Tombigbee River. He has been sailing ever since he was four years old and had not had the opportunity to do this section of the Great Loop. Of course he said “Yes!” Then he wanted to know if I wanted to come.

“Of course I’ll come.” I didn’t know when I’d ever have the chance to do it.

So here we are, Hugh and I and a crew of four other guys headed south on a schooner. Initially he said it would take about two and a half weeks to three weeks. So I began scheduling my clients for when we would come back. Then he said it might take three to four weeks. “Oh…” Of course any sailor knows that schedules have to be kept flexible; one never knows what the weather might bring. My clients think it’s really neat what we’re doing and they understand that they might get a phone call from me that I won’t be home in time for their next session.

So I invite you to join in on the ride. Click the “Follow Blog” link on the right side to be notified of new postings. I’m going to try to post every few days with a narrative about our trip and with photographs.

4 Responses to About

  1. SatCharn says:

    Dearest Julie
    Sending you light filled wishes for a good journey!

  2. travelboater says:

    How exciting! I will definitely be following along on your journey (via your blog.) My sister and I completed the Great Loop in our 16-foot Duroboat over the summer of 2009. It was a trip of a lifetime. I can’t wait to do it again someday. Until then, we will have to enjoy it through the stories of others. Safe travels! – SiBBS

  3. juliemckay says:

    SiBBS – we’re impressed you two made the Great Loop in your cute yellow boat. Thanks for following along.

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