The Crew

Meet the Crew 

The Crew

Hugh Covert

Captain Hugh Covert has been sailing ever since he was four years old. He holds a USCG 100 Ton Masters license. With over four decades of experience, he has been at the helm of modern and traditional vessels – from tugboats and fishing boats to brigantines and tall masted schooners. He has navigated many of the major water bodies of the United States from the Atlantic seaboard, Florida’s Intercostal waterway, the Everglades, the Chesapeake Bay, the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes. He has sailed the waters of the Canadian North Channel, the Pacific coast and the Bahama Islands.

Hugh enjoys any opportunity to be out on the water, especially if it involves sailing. Hugh has built four sailboats and has plans to build his own schooner. On a more pragmatic note, his short term goal is “To get there [Florida] in one piece.” He is married to Julie McKay Covert and lives on a 40 acre island off the grid in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on Lake Huron.

Julie Covert

Julie McKay Covert was swimming by the time she was walking and grew up paddling a canoe. She started sailing eighteen months ago after she met her now husband, Hugh. She has loved every minute of it. She happily considers herself a conscripted volunteer when accompanying Hugh on his sailing adventures. This is her third tall ship sailing trip and first time on Appledore V.

When she’s on land she makes her living as a bodyworker, teacher and author. Julie is an avid photographer; as much as she likes to be at the helm she is quick to turn it over to someone else so she can photograph scenic views. More of about her work can be found at She enjoys living with her husband, Captain Hugh, on a private island near Drummond Island, MI.

Andy Roller

Andy Roller is our resident jokester, knot master, ornithologist and spiderman. He got his first pair of logging boots when he was fourteen and got into the tree trimming business 32 years ago when he came up with his own knot – the Roller hitch, similar to a slippery rolling hitch. Although he is not a consummate boater or sailer he enjoys any adventure he can get involved with. This is his fourth Tall Ship trip. He lives in Charlestown, IN with his life and work partner Bobbi.




Bill Hydorn

Bill Hydorn The first time Bill sailed was in his mother’s womb; his parents met on a sailboat and his first memory of sailing was on a Snark at age 10. Being available to help is important to Bill, so when a friend told Bill that volunteers were needed for this trip, he said “Sure, why not!” Bill has built six boats over the last twenty-five years, from a 16 foot dory to a 18 foot traditional Whitehall using steam bent timber and a Herreshoff double ended canoe.

When he’s not sailing, he’s CEO of Hydorn Inc. and is involved in a microloan organization. He has spent the last eight years tuck pointing his apartment and office building, which used to be a sugar factory warehouse and office. Bill has experience hewing logs and timber framing, doing historical restoration.The most important thing he has done in his life is meet God. He lives in Essexville, MI and this is his first time on Appledore V.

Mike Harrington

Mike Harrington is proud of raising 5 successful kids with his wife Ann. Mike spent 35 years as a guidance counselor and high school principal.

Mike has logged thirty years of sailing. He holds a 50 ton master’s license with a sailing endorsement. He has a lot of boats – a boat or sailboat for every occasion. Doing this trip, MIchigan to Florida, fulfills one of the items on his bucket list. This is Mike’s third sailing trip on Appledore V, as he is very interested in learning how to sail schooners. Other life plans are to go to a fly-in camp in Alaska and do a trans-Atlantic crossing. When he’s not on the water he makes his home on Bob-lo (Bois Blanc) Island in the Straits of Mackinac.


Terry Temperly

Terry Temperly is finally doing the last piece of the Great Loop, otherwise he’d be on his own sailboat Island Time, a Brewer 12.8m cruising cutter with his lovely wife Debbie. At age forty he and Debbie decided to make a 15 year plan for when he wanted to retire and what he wanted to do. He had never sailed before, but loved the outdoors, particularly scuba diving and skiing. One day while on vacation and talking about what he wanted to do when he retired he saw a sailboat going by and said “Let’s try that! We can go anywhere in the world and live on board.” That started his 15 year plan — 5 years to learn how to sail and make sure they like it, 10 years to buy the boat he wanted and then retire at 55 after working for Dow Chemical Co for 29 years. When he is on land, he lives in Midland, Michigan.

Now eighteen years later he’s thoroughly hooked and looking forward to doing the leewards and windwards of the Caribbean, the Greater Antilles and Lesser Antilles.

ReRex Masingo

Rex Masingo joined us for the last leg of our trip in Turner’s Marina, Dog River, Mobile Alabama. He had dropped Andy off in Chicago and wanted to join us but wasn’t able at the time. So he cleared his schedule and kept in touch with the Captain and met up with us for the last leg – raising the masts and sailing the Gulf of Mexico. Rex has been on a couple tall ship trips with Captain Hugh previously. He enjoys sailing his 27 Cape Dorey when he’s not in the role of owner of his own construction company in Charlestown, IN.




Messages and comments for the crew can be posted to this blog and will be forwarded to them.

12 Responses to The Crew

  1. William H Darbee says:

    Say Hi to Bill for me.
    Bill Darbee

  2. juliemckay says:

    Will do! He says you’re the reason he’s here!

  3. For Bill Hydorn:
    45 mph winds on the bay all night corked up the mouth of the river while 1″ of rain fell in the valley. The water was 3″ deep at Smith landing road way at 12:00 noon. The area in front of the double tree is at river grade. Outer Bay wave heights reported at 16-18′ with some as high as 24′. Wind has shifted to the North and the river is receding. All is well in river city…Mr. Toad.

  4. kathy B. says:

    Live an unexpected life. Go Bill.

  5. Dawn says:

    Please tell Bill that Dawn said see you in a few weeks!

  6. Hello to Mike and other crew members. I think it is so great that you do your sailing trip every year. What an adventure! I liked the comment about your bucket list,Mike, I think everyone should have one, I do. Be safe guys and gal and I look forward to the photos when they come. Sherry ( Mike’s friend from Port Isabel, Texas)

    • juliemckay says:

      Sherry – Mike says it’s nice to hear from you and wanted to let you know that we’re having a great time. When he gets a chance he’ll email you.

      • I do so love hearing about the trips each year and this is fantastice with all of you partnering together. I look forward to continued photos and Mikes email. I am enjoying your adventure right along with you all. Be safe and above all have fun. Sherry

  7. Pingback: Crew Photos Are Up | South on a Schooner – Appledore V

  8. Bill Hydorn says:

    Julie & Hugh,

    Hi, this is Bill. I’m enjoying the North Carolina sunshine! I started reading the blog and pictures…really enjoying the whole thing!

    Happy Thanksgiving, hope your turkey is well basted!

    Bill Hydorn

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