Andy’s Photos

Along with being a consummate birder, Andy’s a great photographer and so I’m pleased that he’s sharing his photos with us. It was really interesting to see that we often took pictures of the same things. And, because Andy was able to spend so much time on deck and on the bow than I did, he often saw things that I didn’t. I was often down below cooking, editing photos or writing about our journey. He also had a camera with a better zoom, so he was able to get closer-up pictures that I was.

Andy joined us when we got to Crowley’s Yacht Yard in Calumet, Illinois, just south of Chicago. We arrived the evening of Day 5.

The first collection of his is from Day 6 Tuesday 10/18 in Calumet, IL through Day 14 Wednesday 10/26 to the Mississippi.

The second collection is from Day 15 Thursday 10/27 on the Mississippi through Day 25 11/6 when we arrived at Turner’s Marina in Mobile, AL.

The third collection is from Day 26 11/7 at Turner’s Marina through our arrival and until we left Salty Sam’s Marina in Fort Myers Beach, FL on Day 34 11/15.

Because so many of these pictures are similar to the ones I have already posted, often with captions, I am not captioning them. If you are curious about any of them just ask – via the comment link below the photos or via an email to I’ll be happy to answer what I can for you and if I don’t know I’ll ask Andy directly.


All photos (c) Andy Roller 2011.

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